Create your own future

Use Freedom

Take responsibility

Our responsibility as an employer

Experiencing humanity and responsibility for each other

Enjoyment of everyday work is an integral part of our corporate culture. It is achieved when individuals feel they have scope for action and decision-making freedom in what they do. And also when they can incorporate their skills and expertise in an environment that comprehensively addresses their needs. We do this by offering attractive conditions and diverse opportunities for enhanced development.

Bravely making the right decisions

Our understanding of freedom to act

Achieving something requires the freedom to decide for yourself which path to take. We trust in the expertise and the skills of our employees. A strong backing in the team and mutual support are essential aspects for us in this regard. As an employer, we therefore promote knowledge acquisition by our employees and open communication in the company.

Fair remuneration, employee shares and flexible working models

Nice colleagues? Wonderful! Exciting tasks? Great! But that's not all by a long way. The trappings also have to be right. The everyday conditions are important for creating a sense of well-being in the workplace. 

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A social environment

Childcare, health care management and company events

A lot is written about the work-life balance with the suggestion that there is a sharp edge between working and "real" living. We think that working time should be a normal, positively perceived part of our lifetime. And we support this. 

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A transparent development

A sound approach to initial and advanced training for our employees

Career enthusiasts need opportunities for personal and professional advancement. We value employees who take these opportunities. We invite you to do just this as part of our internal academy, the GOLDBECK Campus. Curious?

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