The company has its roots in traditional steel construction. However founder Ortwin Goldbeck's unswerving belief in an industrial approach to construction sets the company on a new course.

He refocuses the company completely in the eighties. He no longer simply wants to create individual steel components, rather turnkey buildings – with short construction times, superior quality and high cost-efficiency. His method: modular, system-based construction. Ortwin Goldbeck now develops individually planned buildings in the sense of a modular construction system. In so doing he replaces manual activities on the construction site with assured industrial quality. It also means that elements that are difficult to control – such as bad weather – are manageable.

The new model is well received by customers. GOLDBECK quickly taps into new markets and develops a decentralised sales network. And in 1984 starts to bring employees on board as silent shareholders so that they can participate in the success of the company with share certificates. Construction-related services are added to the portfolio. The new millennium is characterised by internationalisation: GOLDBECK International is founded in 1997. The company now has subsidiaries in the Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Austria and Great Britain. 2007 ends with the generational change of an era: Founder Ortwin Goldbeck hands over the reins to his sons. He moves to the company advisory board. Together with four other managing directors, Jörg-Uwe, Joachim and Jan-Hendrik Goldbeck continue their father's life's work.

"Het is een van de belangrijkste taken van het management om een bedrijfscultuur te creëren waarin werknemers en ook mensen buiten het bedrijf zich kunnen identificeren met het bedrijf en haar handelen."
Ortwin Goldbeck | Oprichter van het bedrijf, vandaag voorzitter van de raad van advies.

Our foundation

  • 1969 Foundation of company
  • 1973 Foundation of first subsidiary (Hanover): Our customer-oriented distribution system is created
  • 1984 GOLDBECK shares the company's success directly with employees as silent partners
  • 1988 First appearance of product concept: halls, office buildings and car parks

The nineties

  • 1991 Construction of the factory at Treuen (Vogtland)
  • 1994 Purchase of the precast concrete plant in the Czech Republic
  • 1997 Foundation of GOLDBECK International GmbH
  • 2001 Foundation of GOLDBECK Solar

Present and future

  • 2007 Generational change in company management
  • 2009 Construction of the concrete plant in Hamm
  • 2013 Purchase and modernisation of precast concrete plant in Ulm
  • 2015 Foundation of GOLDBECK New Technologies and GOLDBECK PROCENTER

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