A question of balance

Sustainability is a question of balance. This essentially means focusing attention on long-term relationships as opposed to a short-term approach. Time is a critical factor since it changes the dimensions of our action – and our inaction. As a family business we are aware of the long-term perspective. We know that preserving a lifetime achievement, allowing it to grow and maintaining it for future generations means not thinking in terms of quarterly results. We think and act sustainably, economically, ecologically and socially. We take our responsibility seriously with respect to our employees, our business partners, the company and the environment. Our position: special responsibility is attributed to the construction sector. A significant percentage of the greenhouse gases currently being emitted is from buildings, while the percentage of energy they consume worldwide is even greater. Thanks to our innovative technological opportunities, we are committed to sustainable improvements in our area of expertise – both in developing our buildings and also within the company. That's because living and working spheres intertwine when it comes to sustainability. Sustainable thinking is holistic thinking.

"Wij gaan sociaal, duurzaam en verantwoordjelijk te werk."
GOLDBECK corporate policy

Ecology – outstanding sustainability

Acting in an ecologically sound way pays dividends. The way we build using system-based pre-fabricated construction elements means we create especially energy-efficient buildings. To design every new property optimally, we use building simulation in the planning phase and can therefore predict consumption values realistically. The building is depicted as a three-dimensional model in the middle of the future neighbourhood. From April weather to low winter sun, solar radiation and weathering influences can be depicted in accordance with the seasons.

Factors such as the geographical location, orientation, facade and proportion of window surfaces are scrutinised precisely to ensure optimised energy supply. The result is an efficient use of heating, cooling and ventilation as well as lighting and shading. We also successfully carry out energy-efficient renovation of existing buildings. Thanks to the use of modern technology, we often achieve a level comparable to a new build and reach practically passive house standard, such as in the example of the school centre in Marienheide in North Rhine-Westphalia. GOLDBECK has combined a roof-mounted photovoltaic system here with a gas-driven combined heat and power unit and was awarded the Intersolar Award 2014 for this project. And the reason: the two technologies complement each other perfectly. In 2014, GOLDBECK also became the first company to receive a Multiple Certificate for Office and Administrative Buildings awarded by the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB). Every property created on the basis of the building specification defined for this purpose will be automatically pre-certified in the future. Economical, ecological, technical and socio-cultural factors are examined and assessed for the award.

GOLDBECK already received a multiple certificate in 2012 for the logistic halls system. And for those interested, we can also construct the property in a climate-neutral manner: the quantity of greenhouse gases generated in completing the respective property is calculated in cooperation with "Climate Partner" and offset through involvement in certified climate projects – 100 percent climate-neutral construction. And even when it comes to the efficient management of buildings, sustainability continues to be pursued resolutely. With GOLDBECK's EnergyMonitor, we offer a technology for new builds and existing properties that records consumption values and highlights vulnerabilities. The analyses produced allow tailored recommendations for action for optimising building technology in real operation.

Economy – preserving independence, securing jobs.

GOLDBECK is a thoroughly independent company. The company is still managed by the family – now in its second generation. GOLDBECK stands on solid financial foundations and therefore has the freedom required to act in a sustainable and entrepreneurial manner. Company growth is often a controversial issue today. Our position: the growth of our company is the consequence of good products and services that are valued by our customers. Quantitative growth is therefore not a value in itself for us – rather qualitative growth. As an attractive and reliable employer, we want to offer the people who work for us diverse opportunities to develop progressively both personally and professionally. And we want to continually expand and consolidate our range of services in the interest of our customers.