Logistiek en montage

Perfectly coordinated, promptly implemented

The construction site comes and goes in next to no time – this is how incredibly short construction times are at GOLDBECK. Depending on the size of the building, it can be a matter of just a few months. Good news for residents, since noise and emissions are kept within limits. Production, logistics and assembly work hand in hand at GOLDBECK to achieve this, coordinated perfectly with each other and often also working in parallel. Even in our factories we ensure that every individual system component can be loaded on the truck in the proper installation sequence. Fall protection and mounting aids are already attached at the pre-assembly stage so that the installers at the construction site can set to work immediately and without time-consuming preparatory work. This principle ensures there is no idle time. The construction site logistics can be properly planned and the limited storage areas on the site can be utilised optimally.