Modular construction with a system. One idea makes the difference.

Our product is the individual building. We build with a system. That's because systematic processes prevent individual errors. And systematic construction systems can be industrially pre-fabricated. The same general conditions always apply when we produce these systems in our factories. Neither rain nor frost nor manual errors can impair their execution. This is an unbeatable advantage compared with traditional construction. And: solutions for recurring requirements are also standardised. Planners rely on detailed solutions and process workflows that have a proven track record. This saves time and ensures high quality. The well thought-out system offers a myriad of possible combinations and a broad architectural diversity at the same time.

  • Individual planning, turnkey construction
  • Long-term support
  • Modular, system-based construction methods using own production facilities
  • Economical, fast, energy efficient, secure
  • Decentralised network of subsidiaries and factories
  • Independent family business

Sophisticated architecture

Economically constructed with a system

Our product range is broadly diversified but the starting point for our work is always the same: GOLDBECK builds on the basis of industrially pre-fabricated system components – fast, economical and turnkey. The individual elements of our systems are so flexibly coordinated that they ensure a high degree of planning freedom. The repeated components that make construction with GOLDBECK so economical can constantly be put together in such a way as to ensure new, individual buildings that are tailored perfectly to meet requirements. Another advantage: construction with a system ensures the best prerequisites for high energy efficiency!

Engineering expertise and product development

Learning systems

Our system components consist of steel and concrete, glass and aluminium. Yet they are alive. They learn and develop progressively. And the reason: having our own production facilities allows us to test and optimise materials, systems and processes ourselves. Findings and experiences from current projects, varying customer requirements and new building regulations are continually incorporated – allowing the systems to learn from this. GOLDBECK engineers also look beyond the customary standards however: to shape construction in the future you must think beyond conventional approaches. Construction standards represent the smallest common denominator, but occasionally stand in the way of a higher-quality, faster or more economical solution. And because GOLDBECK engineers find pragmatic new solutions, these in turn are incorporated at times into official regulations and standards.