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GOLDBECK ontwerpt, bouwt en beheert commercieel vastgoed - snel, economisch en betrouwbaar! De systeemelementen waaruit we onze gebouwen zelf samenstellen, produceren we in wezen zelf. Wij spreken de taal van onze klanten: Dankzij onze gedecentraliseerde structuur en meer dan 40 locaties in Europa.

Wij hechten veel waarde / belang aan respect, eerlijkheid en verantwoord handelen tegenover onze collega's, zakenpartners, de maatschappij en het milieu.

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The end of March 2018 saw the end of the forty-seventh year of operation. The GOLDBECK Group also proved its performance capabilities and stability in the business year 2017/18. The annual turnover of the group was 2.73 billion euros. The number of employees 6,040, while currently there are over 6,500 employees.

  • More than 50 subsidiaries in Germany and throughout Europe
  • 9 factories (Bielefeld, Hamm, Plauen, Ulm, Kutna Hora, Tovačov (CZ), Lodz, Torun, Rakowice Male (PL))
  • SystemZentrum facilities (Bielefeld, Hirschberg)
Lars Luderer
"We want to dovetail the construction task and subsequent service component more effectively for our customers. Our customers should be able to concentrate fully on their tasks."
Lars Luderer | Managing Director, Goldbeck GmbH

Management of GOLDBECK GmbH

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"One of the most important tasks for company management is to create a corporate culture in which employees and also those outside the company can identify with the company and its actions."
Ortwin Goldbeck | Company founder, now Advisory Board Chairman

Cubic meters of concrete and 70,000 tonnes of steel can be processed annually in the six GOLDBECK factories.


The company has its roots in traditional steel construction. However founder Ortwin Goldbeck's unswerving belief in an industrial approach to construction sets the company on a new course.

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System center: Exhibition hall


Talking to one another, understanding technology

We want to converse with our customers. Directly, through local contacts. But also with the support of media. For example through information films, brochures and operating manuals, through our website and our sales engineers' tablets. We provide information regularly about the latest happenings at the company in our customer magazine "GOLDBECK magazine". Our largest media come in XXL format however: the SystemZentrum facilities in Bielefeld and Hirschberg. They operate according to the principle that actions speak louder than words! Many details are clarified in personal discussions – quite simply because they are in front of you. And because an overly technical matter suddenly becomes easily comprehensible when it can be literally grasped. This is how we create enthusiasm and anticipation. And most importantly: in this way we allow customers to make sustainable decisions based on solid facts.