Integral planning

Holistic and synchronous

The following principle applies with respect to our planning: "bundled not scattered. We combine the planning services of all specialist divisions in our integral planning. Experts in the different specialist disciplines collaborate in interdisciplinary teams. This integral planning encompasses the entire life cycle of a building, makes dependencies transparent and optimises them in a holistic concept. We increasingly use Building Information Modelling (BIM) methods in this context. We have developed a pool of expertise and skills based on our integral planning, from which all subsidiaries can benefit. And therefore ideal conditions for our construction principle. Construction with a system at GOLDBECK not only refers to the system elements but also to well thought-out, system-based processes. Because major decisions are already made in the early planning phase and therefore precise service descriptions are created, we implement projects especially quickly and cost-efficiently.

Building Information Modeling (BIM)

A visualised, 3-dimensional model is stored in a database. All those involved in the planning process have access to this database and can work jointly and in part also simultaneously. Advantage: all data is constantly synchronised and always available for everyone. The model grows with the project and increasingly gains in shape. It becomes an interdisciplinary information hub that dovetails all planning steps with one another and allows interactions between different processes to be identified at a glance.

Design and architecture. Individually planned

The preconception that construction using standardised elements also goes hand in hand with standardised design options stubbornly persists. GOLDBECK buildings prove the opposite every day. It is often only the non-visible elements that are standardised, such as the shell and supporting structure. When it comes to the visible on the other hand, such as the facade or interior construction, the language is extremely individual. That's because our system elements offer a myriad of possible combinations and a broad architectural diversity. The most varied building forms and creative architectural variants are therefore possible. And perfect coordination with the corporate design and the profile of each of our customers.

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